IT is good to see Cllr Beesley write to the Echo against the proposed siting of an oil rig in Poole Bay, even if he seems resigned to it happening.

Where, John, is the big outcry similar to that engineered against the Navitus Bay project for this rig which could actually cause devastation to the seven miles of golden sand, the Jurassic coast and the very important environment for marine life?

At the recent protest on this serious issue at Bournemouth beach, I spoke, a Lib Dem representative spoke, environmentalists spoke but no Conservative speaker attended, just an apology from the local MP.

Given the urgency of dealing with climate change that will affect all our lives, fossil fuels must be left in the ground. This rig is unnecessary. If this rig goes ahead and the government once again overrides the local residents’ wishes, what next? Perhaps they get lucky and find what they want; a financially viable quantity of accessible oil. Permanent rigs in the bay are unlikely so Wytch Farm and horizontal drilling is probably the only option. We have only this week heard how Perenco, are venting methane gas from Wytch Farm straight into the atmosphere with total disregard to the environment, our future and the future of our planet.

Yes, I will stand united with those who are serious about preventing this venture.

CLLR SIMON BULL, Green Party, Town Hall, Bournemouth