MEMBERS of armed forces associations in Christchurch have spoken out in disappointment at delays to provide First World War commemorations in the town.

The Silent Solider statute at Fountain Roundabout was due to be joined by several others across the borough last month.

However, organisations have been waiting for the metal silhouettes to be delivered by the Royal British Legion.

Christine Payne, who is a committee member helping organise a Beacons of Light service in Christchurch in November, said it had been a frustrating wait for many people.

Ms Payne represents the local branch of the Royal Naval Association, who have provided funds for one of the Silent Soldiers.

“A lot of people have been asking why Christchurch has only got one Silent Solider,” Ms Payne said.

“We ordered ours over a month ago and had plans to mark its installation with a special event.

“I’m totally disappointed with how Christchurch appears to have not got behind this. but even those groups that have are not got the opportunity to show they have supported it.

“Once a few more go up it will encourage other people to be involved.”

Neighbouring towns, including New Milton and Ferndown, have seen Silent Soldiers dotted in many locations. The initiative, which is organised by the Royal British Legion, has proved popular all over the country.

Ms Payne added: “We have been told they will be coming for some time. The latest promise was this week, but we will have to see.

“The sponsors of the missing Silent Soldiers would like some action as they really want to welcome their Tommies.”

The Daily Echo approached the Royal British Legion, but at the time of going to print a response had not been received.