WHEN Theresa May launched her campaign to become Prime Minister on 30 June 2016 she coined the phrase "Brexit means Brexit." What could be clearer!

Theresa May also insisted in that speech that there would be no General Election until 2020. Yet she called one less than 10 months later.

And she insisted she would not trigger Article 50 to begin Brexit "until the British negotiating strategy is agreed and clear." Yet she triggered Article 50 the month before she called that snap General Election and today, 18 months later, the Chequers plan, the stated British negotiating strategy, is certainly far from agreed.

The ruling Conservative government cannot set out what Brexit means without revolt within their own ranks. And the Labour Party fail to set out what Brexit means for fear they will lose a few Brexiteer votes.

While today the Chequers plan has lasted two months, it has not yet been properly set before the EU who already indicate that it will not be accepted.

Theresa May told us in her 2016 speech that "the country voted to leave the European Union" but is this dog's breakfast what they voted for?

"Brexit means Brexit." What could be clearer!


Brexit is proving to be a complete Brexit.


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