TWO men leapt into the water to perform a dramatic rescue at Poole Quay.

The heroes, who both work at Sunseeker, put themselves in danger to pull the stricken casualty from the water yesterday morning.

After he was lifted ashore, a Poole lifeboat crew administered first aid before the man was taken to Poole Hospital by an ambulance.

The man was seen floating in the water by people walking over Poole Bridge.

A group gathered on the edge of the bridge, before Sunseeker carpenter Matt Payne jumped into the water to provide support.

“I was going across the bridge on the way to work and I saw people at the side looking over,” Mr Payne said.

“I looked over and saw the man floating under the bridge.

“The current didn’t look that strong so I emptied my pockets and jumped off the side of the bridge. I was able to take him to a set of steps in the water.”

Mr Payne said when he reached the man, who he described as in his late 50s, he was conscious.

Sunseeker laminator Luke Coleman, who made his way down to the shore near Sydenhams, suggested that Mr Payne swim across to him.

Mr Payne started travelling towards the edge of the river, but began to tire and needed support. At this point Mr Coleman dived into the water to provide support. Together the pair lifted the man onto dry land with no steps or ladder available.

“When I got the bridge there was a group of people by the bridge,” Mr Coleman said.

“As I went past a man jumped of the bridge.

“I could see he was struggling and there was a big current in the water.

“I jumped in and swam out to help him. As I tried to swim back with the man the water was dragging me towards the boat that was moored up. At one point I thought I was going to hit it and it was going to be nasty.

“When we got to the shore it was a real challenge to get him out of the water.

“The timing of it was very lucky as everyone was going along the bridge into work. I didn’t know how long he had been in the water.

“You don’t expect to see someone floating in the water.”

Mr Payne said he was unsure how the casualty had got in the water.

“I am sure a number of other people would have jumped in if I had not done so,” Mr Payne added.

“You have thoughts in the back of your mind about not knowing what is under the water, but it just seemed the right thing to do.

“He was fortunate with the time of the day as a lot of people walk by early in the morning.”

Poole lifeboat crews were called to the scene at 6.45pm after receiving reports of people in the water by the old lifting bridge.

The lifeboat crew had arrived after the casualty had been lifted ashore by members of the public. Once on the scene, the crew gave first aid.

The Poole lifeboat was also launched and carried further first aid equipment across the quay under the bridge.

Oxygen was administered from the lifeboat to the casualty and a stretcher was passed ashore to help to transport the casualty to an ambulance.

The casualty was taken to Poole Hospital for further treatment.