A STREET preacher has spoken out about a “Hallowe’en House of Horrors” which she fears will terrify children and encourage violence.

Rev Elaine Glover has called for a ban on a “terrifying and demonic” display in the window of the Hollywood fancy dress store in Poole.

It depicts a blood-soaked clown holding a knife, a dog baring teeth covered in blood and models of demons and intestines.

And the company’s stores in Bournemouth also display similar items.

Inside, the stores are almost entirely dedicated to Hallowe’en with costumes for children including Day of the Dead Diva, Zombie Prom Queen, Roadkill Pet and Zombie Cheerleader.

Elaine told the Daily Echo: “I have never liked Hallowe’en because I’m a Christian but I realise everybody has their own views and values. If people want to go into the shops and buy these things it is up to them.

“My problem is that these window displays can be seen by everyone, including young children who are likely to be terrified.

“It seems to get worse every year. It is very graphic and just too much. This has affected me badly and I feel I must speak out about it.”

She said she believes such items should be restricted based on age.

“When you buy or rent a CD or go to the cinema it has an age rate restriction to its content, yet with this shop window there’s nothing to stop the exposure of its violent and dark content upon the passer by. It’s simply horrible.

“It’s not something I would want my grandchildren to see, never mind other children because of its effects. When I showed friends photos of the shop front, including young parents, they were horrified.

“ I am also wondering how this shop front would affect addicts, or drunkards coming out of the pub late at night, or someone suffering with depression.”

Five years ago Asda and Tesco were forced to withdraw “mental patient” and “psycho ward” costumes after complaints from the public. At the time, a spokesman for Hollywood defended its range of Hell’s Asylum costumes, describing them as “a bit of fun.

The Daily Echo approached Hollywood Fancy Dress for a comment but they failed to respond.