MEMBERS of Bournemouth Athletics Club are in the dark about its future, a councillor says.

Councillor Philip Stanley-Watts, a member of the club, said the lack of news from AFC Bournemouth on its planned new stadium meant athletes are uncertain about what will happen.

Cherries, working with Bournemouth council, plans to build its new ground next to Dean Court in King's Park, on top of the site of the athletics track. It has promised that the athletics club will get a new track elsewhere in the borough.

"There was supposed to be an announcement on August 9 but there has been nothing from the club," said Cllr Stanley-Watts.

"People are concerned, they want to know what the situation is.

"There are a lot of AFC Bournemouth fans out there as well, including me, who are upset at being left in the dark."

Cllr Stanley-Watts said he would be asking the cabinet for an update at the full council meeting next week.