IT IS unbelievable that the Chair of Dorset County Council, Rebecca Knox, thinks delays daily of 30 minutes are acceptable for the next nine months.

She says delays have improved on the A338, but 50% of the traffic has tried to find acceptable alternatives and probably failed.

Delays of 30 minutes at Avon Causeway, Matchams Lane and around Hurn to Blackwater are now normal.

There are delays of 25 minutes at Stoney Lane, Christchurch and Ferndown is now gridlocked with an hour being taken some mornings to get to Redhill.

The other day it took 80 minutes to get from West Moors to Poole and the Wimborne bypass is gridlocked most days.

As one who lives east of the Avon and travels to Poole daily all routes for me are now unacceptable.

I now will lose nearly 500 hours of my life travelling to and from work over the next nine months. This is ludicrous, to say nothing of the increased fuel costs, stress to my health and potential loss of business.


Ringwood Road, Bransgore