A "cruel" carer who subjected a 78-year-old dementia sufferer to degrading and threatening treatment has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Susan Hind was caught on camera mocking and threatening vulnerable Martha Davison in her Poole home.

Mrs Davison’s daughter had set up a CCTV camera because she feared her mother would fall.

Instead she discovered vile abuse being handed out by 69-year-old Hind, a carer who visited her home six times a day.

Hind, of Trinidad Crescent, Poole is seen in CCTV footage pushing a bag of soiled clothes towards Mrs Davison’s face.

She told her victim: "You make me sick" and called her a "dirty and disgusting person" and a "disgrace."

Hind also told her: "You really are dirty - you stink - you stink the house out. Look at what a disgrace you’re turning into."

At an earlier hearing magistrates watched CCTV footage in which Hind criticised Mrs Davison for soiling herself and said: "If you poo your bed tonight I'm going to be really, really angry."

Bournemouth Echo:

In another clip, as Hind is preparing to leave the house, Mrs Davison, who is in bed, says she is cold.

Hind tells her to stay in bed and then says: "I come in here to do one job, put you to bed, what you do after that I don't know and I don't care."

When Mrs Davison is still trying to speak to Hind as she leaves, she says: "I'm not listening to you, I've got other people to see."

Hind pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to three charges of ill treatment or wilful neglect of an individual. On that occasion magistrates were shown footage from December 5 last year and January 16 and 26 this year.

She was sentenced to a total of 24 weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months. Magistrates also imposed a £200 fine, £300 compensation and a £115 victim surcharge.

Hind, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, is a fully trained carer with nearly 40 years’ experience.  At the time of the offences she was working for care firm MyLife Living.

Mrs Davison was diagnosed with dementia five years ago and also has mobility problems, using a walking aid to get around her bungalow.

Defending Hind, Leah Dillon told Poole magistrates’ court: "The complainant does not remember - that is the best part of this case. It is accepted that she behaved appallingly. She has been distraught this morning. She hadn’t realised how bad it was and she can’t go back in time.

Bournemouth Echo:

"This was a situation that had escalated due to Mrs Davison's dementia. She cared for Mrs Davison in the best way that she knew how and only lost her temper on those few occasions that you have heard about."

Ms Dillon said her client cared for Mrs Davison seven days a week for four years and added: "It was not a bed of roses."

Sentencing, chairman of the bench Cyril Bishop told Hind: "You were in a position of trust. Your manner in dealing with her was unkind, it was degrading and it was cruel."

Richard Oakley from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Hind should have treated this victim with dignity and respect but she subjected her to abuse, mockery and undignified acts.”