ORGANISERS of the Bournemouth Air Festival are "hopeful" Local Government Reorganisation in Dorset will not impact on future instalments of the popular event.

The four-day event, which attracted more than a million visitors this year, has been well-supported by Bournemouth Borough Council since first taking place in 2008.

Opinion across the conurbation was mixed towards council funding for the major tourist attraction.

From next year the local authority will cease to exist with the new unitary council representing Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Festival director Jon Weaver told the Daily Echo: "I hope it would not have an impact.

"It is a new organisation, it is a massive benefit to the whole conurbation so I would hope the leadership of the new council would see that."

Mr Weaver said the festival costs almost £800,000 to put on and it was "important" to note Bournemouth Borough Council is the main backer of the event.

He added: "They are right behind the benefit it gives to the town, but on top of that there is the sponsors who can bring some of these assets in and without them we couldn't do that."

Cllr John Challinor, Borough of Poole portfolio holder for leisure, said the festival was a "fantastic" event enjoyed by people across the conurbation, which he expected the new authority to continue to back.

"I think the money Bournemouth Borough Council allocates will be carried on. I do not see why this would change," Cllr Challinor said.

"I'm sure the team are always looking to expand and improve events as we do in Poole with the boat show and maritime festival. We want to grow things for people to enjoy."

"The air festival is already a four day, free to attend event. I'm not sure where any other expansion can come from."

However, Cllr Mark Howell, leader of the Poole People party, said it would be appropriate for the new authority to assess how events are supported across the conurbation.

"One of the real dangers of merger is money will be concentrated in Bournemouth," Cllr Howell said.

"You would have to lock at the value to the area of the air show. I think the subject needs to be reviewed.

"When there is a council covering all three towns there needs to be a review to make the resources are spread fairly."

Christchurch councillor Colin Bungey said he was not sure what the attitude would be towards events in the ancient borough, which are largely independently funded.

"We have the food festival, Stompin' on the Quomps and carnival for example, which are all self-funded without any council finance," he said.

"Christchurch Borough Council stopped funding for a few years ago, but they (Bournemouth and Poole) have carried on.

"It will be nice to nice if Christchurch residents are going to contribute to the air festival then maybe this should be reciprocated by contributing funds for events in Christchurch.

"There are all sorts of things that happen across the three boroughs which no one has discussed. We anticipate Bournemouth will carry on regardless with the air festival and everyone will contribute to it."