STREET lighting in a Hamworthy road does not need improving, despite residents’ complaints.

A petition, signed by 105 people from Tuckers Lane, described the situation as “inadequate” and called on Poole council to “look into the matter”.

It was considered by members of the council’s Transportation Advisory Group in July who requested that a full assessment be carried out.

A report produced following the visit last month says that street lighting meets the required standards and that no work – other than trimming overhanging branches from a tree – is needed.

The report says: “The street lighting provision in Tuckers Lane has now been subjected to a detailed review by the street lighting team and this has confirmed that the lighting meets the requirements of the relevant British standards.

“The street lighting engineer remains satisfied that the lighting meets the required standard and fulfils the council’s duty of care responsibilities.

“No significant risks have been identified in Tuckers Lane that warrant additional street lighting.”

The report will be considered by members of the group on Thursday (September 13) with the recommendation that “no further action” is required.