RUMOUR has it that to tackle the legendary Bad Ass 2.5 ft Burrito served at Mexigo in Bournemouth, is not for the faint-hearted.

“Once we had a customer that ate all of it in the space of 12 minutes and that is a record breaker for anyone to polish off this enormous Mexican beast,” says Mexigo’s owner Lynn Thurnbull.

Members of staff shook their heads when they discovered that I was there to tackle the Bad Ass Burrito and I have to admit that as I watched it being prepared, I began to have a serious doubts about my ability to tackle this Mexican monster.

When it finally arrived, I was lost for words. What seemed like a good idea, now didn’t look quite so much fun. Not only was it enormous, but I was struggling to even open my mouth around it to take the first bite.

As for the rest of it? Well I am sure my colleagues back at the Echo office were eternally grateful to have their afternoon spiced up with the leftovers as I only managed half.

Mexigo makes burritos to perfection. As much as I enjoyed my lunch, I have also learned one valuable lesson:

Be careful what you wish for as you might end up with more then you bargained for!

Are you up for the Bad Ass Burrito Challenge? Then visit Mexigo at 16 Holdenhurst Road Bournemouth.