A MUM from Poole who used to cry about her weight has lost an incredible 10 stone in less than a year.

Abigail Richardson joined Weight Watchers in Broadstone on November 27 of last year weighing in at 21.2 stone after losing two stone on her own.

Last year was a turning point for Abigail when she decided she had to do something about her weight issues for her health, children and her family as well as herself.

She said: “I have always been big, I never felt good about myself, I never looked in the mirror, I always put it off every year that I was going on a diet after Christmas, things got bad as I used to cry and be embarrassed about my weight and how ugly I was, no woman should have to feel like that.”

Abigail cut out all junk food, sugary drinks, began eating smaller portions and more fruit and vegetables.

She lost six pounds within her first week at Weight Watchers which then spurred her on to make changes to her lifestyle.

After changing her diet, Abigail started to exercise, bought a bike and took up jogging.

Abigail said: “I was over the moon when I got my first stone off. I got home that day and I cried, I thought ‘yes my first stone done it’. I still had a bit more to go but then the next stone came off and I was finding that it is easy when you have your complete focus and I had that all the way through my journey and I still have it.”

This year Abigail even took part in her first Race For Life event which she says has been a massive achievement as previously she would have refused.

The super slimmer now weighs 13 stone 8 and she wants to lose another two stone by the end of October.

She added: “I absolutely love my body, my bones, I look in the mirror and see a confidence, brave and strong headed woman.”