ONE of the debutants at this year's Bournemouth Air Festival has provided a unique and memorable display.

The Super Pitts Muscle Plane has delivered twists, turns, and smoke trails, which have left crowds in awe.

Richard Goodwin is the brainchild of the plane and he pilots it through an incredible routine to enthral audiences.

He is a former military pilot, who finished flying Tornados in 1993, before switching to commercial flights. Around 10 years ago he took up competition aerobatics and started building his own aeroplanes.

This led to him developing the muscle plane, which is very popular in America. Mr Goodwin's aircraft has now been in use for four years.

On performing in Bournemouth, he said: "It was fantastic to be invited and it is the most amazing event I have ever performed in.

"I have never been part of such a big air show and one that encompasses so many acts on the ground and in the evening, so hats off to the organisers.

"It is a fantastic arena to operate an aeroplane in with the two piers and all the spectators on the beach and cliff, which is at the same level as me."

The construction of the plane, which is based at Gloucestershire Airport, was met with some difficulties due to stricter regulations in the UK compared to America, however Mr Goodwin was able to overcome this to deliver his breath-taking displays.

The plane has a variety of modifications to a traditional aircraft, including two oil coolers and a different fuel system.

"It is an exciting aeroplane to fly," he added.

"For me it is aerially entertainment. People don't see this sort of thing very often and it is nice to show people what the aeroplane can do and I'm passionate about inspiring our youth of today into aviation, science, technology and maths.

"We continue to develop the aeroplane and all the changes together make it a great entertainment aircraft."

Mr Goodwin is in the process of building an entirely new plane from scratch and he said he hoped to have it airborne by the end of the year.

You can find the final display from the Super Pitts Muscle Plane at this year's Bournemouth Air Festival this afternoon.