FROM the beach people have their hearts in their mouths as two acrobatic performers hang from on top of a vintage aircraft, but for those involved the experience is "romantic" and "beautiful".

The amazing displays of the AeroSuperBatics have gone done a storm with spectators on every day of this year's Bournemouth Air Festival.

Acrobatic duo Katie Hobbs and Kirsten Pobjoy have flown together on top of the two "Super Stearman" propeller planes all year, although came into the team from different backgrounds.

While Kirsten was formerly a trapeze performer, Katie had not done gymnastics since she was a child and comes from a farming background - "nothing to do with aviation" she said.

Katie leads the routine as the more experienced wingwalker, with performances most weekends throughout the summer.

"It is amazing. I would say it is the best thing I have ever done in my life. It is so beautiful," Kirsten said.

Neither of them had actually ever done a wingwalk before being made to do one during the interview process for the team.

"The one word for the experience is beautiful," Kirsten added.

"We're so lucky we get to be on these vintage planes."

Katie described the flight as "romantic", comparing it to the 1940s.

"You can see everyone on the boats waving at you as you go past," she said.

"I had never done a performance at Bournemouth before and I would say it is definitely one of the best ones we have done this year."

The wingwalkers are of course only half of the team, with pilots Martyn Carrington and David Barrell offering years of experience to provide the ideal flying for the acrobatic routines.

"Bournemouth Air Festival is one of the biggest seafront air shows in Europe so we always love coming here," David said.

"There are huge crowds, which we don't see at other shows." Martyn said flying for the wingwalker displays is all about controlling the "energy" of the flight.

"You are very aware there is somebody standing on your wings," he said.

"The way you fly the aeroplane becomes a bit different because you have to manage the energy a lot more carefully. You slow down quicker because the plane is less aerodynamic.

"We work in a very close team environment and the overall team has been going for a long time. The sequence is worked out to optimise everything we can do with a wingwalker on board the aircraft."

The AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers deliver their final performance of this year's Bournemouth Air Festival this afternoon.