DOG owners are being encouraged to vote for their favourite dog-friendly pub.

The third annual Dog-friendly Pub Awards, organised by, are set to honour establishments that welcome our four-legged friends.

The awards launched with the first ever doggy ‘think tank’ to find out what dogs really want from a dog-friendly pub.

Five different testing stations were created for the dogs to decide which aspects they each enjoyed the most.

These included testing treats, dog beds, doggy beer, bowls and toys.

Richard Setterwall, CEO and founder of DogBuddy, said: “Not only will the awards show some well-deserved appreciation of existing dog-friendly establishments, but they also aim to promote dog-friendly values across all pubs nationwide, inspiring dog owners in the UK to discover and visit their local pubs.”

Lisa Hens, from the RSPCA and one of the judges of the Dog-friendly Pub Awards, said: “It’s great to see establishments considering the needs of the dogs that might visit them and the Dog-friendly Pub Awards is a brilliant way to recognise this.”

Voting closes on Sunday, October 28 and the winners will be announced in November.

To vote for your favourite dog-friendly pub visit