BOURNEMOUTH parents are pleading with leisure bosses not to make any cutbacks to its popular Boredom Busters scheme and associated holiday programmes.

Council leisure chiefs are evaluating the success of this year's playscheme programme before deciding what to offer next year.

But parents claim any reduction at all would leave many parents unable to work during the summer.

Despite the efforts of parents and councillors, the all-day Boredom Busters sessions stopped several months ago and are now a morning-only, weather-dependent scheme.

But the council has stepped up other provision and this summer the "extended services" team joined up with the Boredom Busters scheme to offer day-long events at Kings Park.

Lyn Burgess, whose seven-year-old son Jordan is the last of her four children to have spent the summer at Kings Park, said: "Having a day-long scheme during the holidays is absolutely essential for many parents.

"It enables you to relax and get on with other things, safe in the knowledge that your children are in a controlled, safe environment and are having a brilliant time doing all sorts of activities."

And Cllr Roger West, who represents Redhill and Northbourne, said Boredom Busters should be extended.

"It's imperative that Boredom Busters should be open all day," he said.

"Not because it's a childminding facility but because it's a superb way of ensuring children can enjoy a massive range of sports and activities."

In a statement, Bournemouth council said it would shortly be putting together its playschemes programme for next year, as would other providers in the borough.

Di Mitchell, head of inclusion and achievement, said: "This year there have been many more fun and low-cost summer holidays activities then ever before.

"Bournemouth Borough Council is committed to continuing with these programmes on a regular basis, linking in with children's centres and local leisure facilities."