It's the '50s, Regent Centre, Christchurch

The swinging '60s starts here - with the '50s. Making a change from the regular Beatles-era tributes, this show celebrates the earlier decade that came in crooning and went out rocking to the birth of modern pop music.

Bringing us a host of memories from the days of Family Favourites and The Six-Five Special was the still-going-strong Rosemary Squires, recalling female artists like Peggy Lee, Petula Clarke, and Alma Cogan. Jeff Hooper might not have been around then but he carried the classic hits with enthusiasm.

Backing the pair was the Brian Dee Band with a majestic version of The Shadows' Apache from guitarist Colin Green.

From Sinatra, Hooper gave us Come Fly with Me, from Matt Monro, A Portrait of My Love, Shook it up with Elvis and provided laughs with his send ups of a bouncy Cliff Richard and a boozy Dean Martin - almost as impressive as Rosemary Squires unexpected and brilliantly gravely Louis Armstrong take off - oh yeah indeed.