THESE artists’ impressions reveal the plans for the Livingstone Academy, a new school in central Bournemouth.

The Aspirations Academies Trust, which already runs three highly-rated schools in the area, plans to build on the site of the former magistrates’ court and coroner’s court in Stafford Road, and the former police station in Madeira Road.

The design incorporates the listed coroner’s court building as a sixth form centre, and would see the magistrates’ court refurbished as a primary school.

The old police station would be demolished however, to make way for the pictured new building, housing the secondary school.

As previously reported, under the current plans the site would have only 20 parking spaces for some 120 staff and only two spaces for dropping off, one disabled.

Town centre councillor David Smith said the school would have to provide convincing evidence that it could operate without a major impact on traffic.

"The proposed new school for the town centre is very welcome," he said.

"I like the design and when completed will help bring a new vibrancy to that part of town.

"The only real difficulty I can envisage is how the school will deal with potential traffic and parking problems.

"With well over a 100 staff and about 1,500 pupils a well thought out travel plan will be essential.

"With a very tight Victorian road network that we have in the area pick up and drop off will have to be well thought out."

If only parents would encourage their children to walk or cycle more then these transport issues would not be so challenging.

A non-selective all-through school, Livingstone Academy will “specialise in the digital arts” and be partnered with a new sister school of the same name in West London, according to the trust.

They are being set up with Ian Livingstone, one of the founders of the UK computer games industry, and will aim to exploit links with the “growing creative digital hub around Bournemouth University”.