AFTER the dramatic start to the second Night Air, it was a serene and graceful return to proceedings.

The Tigers Freefall Team turned all eyes to the skies dropping onto the busy sandy beach at an incredible speed.

As sun set behind the hotels on the East Cliff, the Twisters and Fireflies swept into view, performing their turns and twists and loops.

Lit blue and red and with their pyrotechnics trailing sparks behind them, the aircraft performed a very special display over the town to rapturous applause.

Otto the Helicopter was a fitting finale to Friday’s timetable, spitting out multi-coloured fireworks at every turn.

The Schweizer 300c has become a firm favourite at Bournemouth Air Festival and with its spectacular pyrotechnic effects, it is easy to see why.

Providing the perfect taster for the fireworks off the Pier, Otto, piloted by Brendan O’Brien was the highlight of the dusk displays.