TWO members of the Osmond family have arrived in Bournemouth as a late addition to tonight's musical entertainment at the air festival.

Merrill and Jay will be on stage tonight to perform for crowds, including hit song Crazy Horses.

The pair arrived in the town earlier today and managed to watch some of the afternoon flying.

Jay, a self-confessed aeroplane addict, said: “The Red Arrows were amazing.

“I have never seen something so precise in my life. We grew up with the concept of being precise in our music and when you see their discipline it is perfection.

"As brothers we had to be coordinated together and that is probably why I love it so much.

"I love it here, it is such a beautiful city."

Merrill added: "As a producer, I am very much into the timing and how things flow.

"With the Red Arrows the way when went left and another came in was just incredible."