IT was something straight out of a James Bond movie, as one air festival spectator enthused.

Huge crowds gathered on the pier and along the beach to watch Gravity Industries’ Jet Suit Display Team take their maiden Bournemouth Air Festival outing.

And what has been described as ‘the next frontier in human flight’ was shown off to perfection by jet suit pilots Richard Browning and Dr Angelo Grubisic.

Taking off from Bournemouth Pier, the pair took turns to fly along the beach, hovering 20 feet above the sea, before showing off some unique manoeuvres then coming into land at two designated areas.

The Echo caught up with Dr Grubisic, who landed amid huge cheers - that didn’t quite manage to drown out the noise of his engines - from the crowd.

He said: “We have about 45 kilos of thrust from each arm, so it is like trying to keep yourself on parallel bars.

“It is quite tiring on the arms, and you have that 50 kilos of thrust at the rear.

“It is kind of like riding a bicycle, a lot of people say ‘how do you steer?’ “But it becomes the ultimate amalgamation of mind and machine - when you are part of a machine, you are part of that control system.

“You just think, I want to go there, and you figure it out.”

Dr Grubisic also said that while there are moments flying in the suit that he can take in the crowds and enjoy it, for the most part he is “absolutely focused.”

The jet pack, which produces 1,000bhp, has already attained the word record for ‘fastest speed in a body controlled jet powered suit.’ Air festival visitor Richard McIntyre said: “That was incredible to see, I cannot believe how controlled it was...and how loud.”

Meanwhile, spectator Reece Thompson said: “James Bond eat your heart out, this is the future. I want to get one.”