AS dusk fell, the skies were lit up by the colourful displays of Night Air. In a first for the Bournemouth Air Festival, the FireFlies and Twister Pair combo joined forces for their pyrotechnic performance.

Illuminated underneath, the aircraft left trails of sparkling fireworks from their wing tips as they soared across the darkening horizon.

For the explosive finale, Otto the Helicopter took to the skies, piloted by daredevil Brendan O'Brien.

The helicopter, which was fitted with the most pyrotechnics an aircraft has ever had, let off a flurry of fireworks.

The awe-inspiring display was watched by people lining the East Cliff and on Bournemouth beach.

Brendan, who fires off more than 2,000 shots of fireworks during his show, will be back in the cockpit for displays tonight and tomorrow night.