A PROTESTER briefly flytipped recycling at the town hall on Monday morning after claiming the bin hadn't been collected in three weeks.

Maurice Wheal, of Feversham Avenue, Queen’s Park, emptied his recycling bin in front of the town hall. He said he was protesting against the "attitude" of council officials when he called to complain.

“The thing that most upset me was being told we hadn’t left the bin out when we clearly had," Mr Wheal said.

“I pay more than £2,200 a year in council tax and this is the third time this has happened.”

Two staff members waited at the doors of the town hall in anticipation of the protest.

Mr Wheal said: “If they don’t empty the bins and they are left brimming over, what do they expect people to do?

“It’s just a protest to let the council know that we want what we pay for.”

The recycling was picked up almost instantly by Mr Wheal, who said he just wanted the council to acknowledge their mistake.

“I absolutely abhor anyone who engages in flytipping," he said.

"It’s just to let the council know that when they make a mistake, it’s nice for them to apologise.”

Georgina Fry, major projects, strategy and commissioning manager at Bournemouth council, said they returned to Mr Wheal’s home to collect the bin after the report.

She said: “The bin was not placed at the kerbside and we were unable to make the follow-up collection.

“Bournemouth council work hard to ensure that all bins are collected and on receiving reports of missed collections will return as soon as possible.”

By Ben Williets