IF you think you have seen and tasted it all in Bournemouth then it's time to think again...

At Twister café in Bournemouth, you can have caviar on your pizza and decadent crepes made with Lotus biscotti created by chef patron Belal Muftah Eiharushi.

Although the 30-year-old cook is originally from Libya, he spent time in the Italian town of Napoli to perfect his pizza making skills.

“I spent three weeks in Napoli, learning the pizza making skills, because I wanted to ensure that my pizza was the real deal. We also deliver our pizzas and we have orders from as far as Christchurch," he explains.

This café lounge is chic, fresh and cosmopolitan and caters for local businesses as well as the many university students that live near by.

We ordered some drinks while we decided what to eat. My Italian flat white was made to perfection and my friend Pete looked as though he had been glued to the straw sticking out of his frosty, freshly prepared apple juice he was enjoying it so much.

We were intrigued by the menu and after I watched Belal spinning the pasta dough with such expertise, I decided to try one of his pizzas.

The base was light and crispy, topped with black olives and caviar that was perfectly complimented by tangy melted mozzarella and hint of fresh basil. Simply delicious.

Pete described his French taco as a succulent dough wrapped over fresh seasoned vegetables and medium spicy marinated chicken pieces garnished with aromatic leaves of basil and sweet cherry tomatoes.

Our dessert was no less spectacular. An exotically sounding Lotus biscotti crepe was in Pete’s words "sweet heaven" and the same could be said about my Lotus milkshake topped with cream and a honey-vanilla biscuit.

We agreed that the Twister café has certainly brought a new twist to the pizza baking business in Bournemouth and after such a great experience we definitely won’t hesitate to visit this vibrant, friendly café again.

Two main course meals, including deserts and drinks comes to £35.

A10 per cent student discount is available.

Twister, 1 Royal London House, Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8AA. Call 01202 770041