A HAVE-A-GO mum has been hailed a hero after chasing down car thieves in a high-octane ride straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Proud son John-Jordan Pogliaghi, from Normanhurst Avenue, Queens Park, Bournemouth, had been selling his car - a Ford Ka - on Gumtree when two men, purporting to be brothers, came to look at it around 8pm last Monday evening.

The sale was agreed, but as one of the two men filled out paperwork he asked if he could grab an envelope to send off the registration document.

"I went to grab it and before I knew it they had jumped in the car and taken off in it," said John-Jordan. "I immediately called the police and told my mother what had happened."

While John-Jordan drove to Ringwood with a friend to look for the thieves, his mum jumped into her car and sped off around Bournemouth to do the same.

Then, around 20 minutes after the theft had taken place, mum Maria Carroll, aged 64, phoned her son and shouted down the phone: "I've got them Jay, I've rammed them and cornered them."

Incredibly, as she'd been waiting at traffic lights they'd pulled up alongside her.

Maria told the Echo: "I was thinking they'll be long gone, but knew I had to keep on looking.

"I was at the dual carriageway at West Howe and as I was driving along I saw them pulling up alongside me at the lights.

"I just looked across and they were happily talking, so I veered into them and was shouting 'you're in my son's car, you've just stolen it.'"

What followed was a high speed chase into Wallisdown.

Maria said: "Thankfully there was not much traffic, but I just kept my hand on the horn the whole time and had my hazard warning lights on.

"I was flashing my high beam and shouting 'help, help, they've stolen that car, get the police'.

"They went the wrong way the roundabout, then went down towards Kinson. Then he turned left at the pub and drove towards Bear Cross, he was overtaking sets of cars. I just didn't want to lose track of him.

"Something just kicked in and I thought I am not letting them get away, I'm not letting them get away with this."

The chase eventually came to an end when the thieves careered into a supermarket car park.

"I flew in after them, and the driver was out on his feet car saying he's just bought the car.

"I grabbed the key, told him he was surrounded and the police were on the way - with that they just ran off."

John-Jordan said: "The officers were in awe of what had happened, pretty much just praising my mum and telling me what a legend I have as a mother.

"The police dogs tracked them for a bit but went cold towards the West Moors direction."

Dorset Police have confirmed they are still investigating the incident, and that, to date, no arrests have been made.