A BUS has been attacked by vandals, who smashed one of its windows, as it drove through a Poole estate in broad daylight.

The Morebus number 17 service was targeted as it turned into Alder Road from Herbert Avenue, Rossmore, on Monday evening.

No-one was injured in the incident, but a number of passengers were seated next to the window at the time.

Earlier this year Morebus bosses suspended the same service after it came under attack in the same area from mindless vandals.

Passengers caught up in the latest drama described the attack as "shocking."

The service had just turned into Alder Road from Herbert Avenue, around 6.40pm, when those on the bus heard several "bangs".

One passenger, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "The bus had just turned left at the lights from Herbert Avenue onto Alder Road when I heard one bang while I was looking forward.

"There was a second bang and then I noticed the window was completely smashed.

"The bus driver kept going down the road before he saw what had happened to the window and pulled into the next bus stop.

"I was shocked by it, I heard the bangs and then it was completely smashed. It continued to make a cracking sound for ages.

"It was a real worry the window would fall in and there were people next to it.

"It is the last thing you expect to happen when you are getting the bus home. It made me a little nervous to go on the bus the next day."

The passenger said she was thankful another bus driver at the wheel of another Morebus service let her board for free, saving her from long walk home.

In January Morebus announced services 16 and 17 would only travel along Arne Avenue, Rossmore, Poole, until 4pm, after three buses were targeted by vandals.

Buses were diverted away from the area after repeatedly being attacked by youths, who hurled missiles and smashed windows as the vehicles drove past.

However, after talks with Dorset Police, Morebus relaxed that decision and days later a comprehensive bus service was reintroduced to the area.

Borough of Poole Alderney ward representative Cllr Mike Fisher, condemning the behaviour, said: "We need more police up here but, of course, police numbers are being cut.

"People depend on the bus services so I wouldn't want to see service cut in any way."

Morebus operations manager Richard Wade said the incident was reported to police.

“I can confirm there was an incident when a window was smashed by an object launched towards our bus. We are working closely with the authorities as they carry out their investigations to identify those responsible.”