Voodoo Vegas have, in my opinion, been the best local live rock band for the last few years.

And lately they seem to have turned it up another level.

Saturday night saw them as the support band for the top tribute band to Axl and the boys, UK Guns and Roses.

From the first bars of Don't Need Your Love it was apparent this is where Voodoo Vegas should be, headlining venues like the iconic Academy.

The energy and confidence the whole band radiated was mirrored by the audience who were on their feet every second of the set.

Lawrence is the perfect front man, he has the mix of incredible voice, good looks and charming personality and he works the crowd perfectly.

Meryl has to be the best female guitarist around and the combination of her and Jon on guitars make the band come alive.

Ash is the sublime bass player and Mike's drumming rounds up the sound.

They are at home on the stage and work as a complete unit.

The set included a couple of new tracks from the upcoming album.

Revolution grabs you straight away and would work perfectly on the radio.

Puppet was mind blowing live as was Feeling So Good from their new crowdfunded album.

It was a 45 minute set that should have been a lot longer, the crowd lapped up every song.

UK Guns and Roses were exceptionally good. They are a band who have honed their show to replicate the best bits of the iconic line up.

Dave's voice is quite simply the Axl of the 90's and he works his way perfectly through the classic songs.

Welcome to the Jungle was every bit as good as the Guns at Download in June. Dave has captured everything from the voice to the stage moves.

The rest of the band work exceptionally well together and have the exciting feel that Guns N’ Roses had when they burst onto the scene in the 80’s.

The honour of being the best tribute band is well earned.

The night was a rock music lovers perfect gig. This genre needs more nights and more bands like these.

By Louise Makey