A CARER who subjected a 78-year-old dementia sufferer to "cruel" and "degrading" treatment today could face jail after she was caught on CCTV cameras installed by the woman's daughter.

Susan Hind, 69, subjected vulnerable Martha Davison to abuse, threats, mockery and undignified acts, calling her a "dirty b****" and pushing a bag of soiled clothes close to her face at her home in Poole.

As she pleaded guilty to three counts of ill-treatment or wilful neglect of an individual on Thursday, Poole Magistrates were shown multiple clips of CCTV that showed Hind shouting at and degrading the elderly woman.

Hind, of Trinidad Crescent, Poole, held her head in her hands as the footage was shown in which she told the elderly woman "you make me sick" and called her a disgrace and a "dirty, disgusting person".

Prosecuting, Jessica Price said Miss Davison was diagnosed with dementia in 2013 and also had mobility problems, using a walking aid to move around her bungalow.

Hind, who was a fully trained carer with almost 40 years' experience, had been Miss Davison's carer for about four years.

She would visit Miss Davison at her home six times a day and see other clients in between, working for an agency called My Life Living.

Miss Davison's daughter Christine had CCTV cameras installed at her mother's home because she was concerned she could have a fall and could access the camera through an app on her mobile phone.

On this app she witnessed appalling behaviour towards her mother on December 5, 2017 and January 16 and 26 this year.

After the last incident she reported Hind to My Life Living and she was suspended.

Miss Price said: "Miss Davison's daughter installed CCTV at the property so she could monitor her mother from her mobile phone, she was specifically concerned her mother might have a fall.

"It did not automatically record, only if she was watching the footage through an app on her phone.

"You have seen from the footage this was both ill-treatment and wilful neglect.

"She was inappropriate, cruel, taunting and used aggressive language characterised by threats.

"You saw a bag of soiled items pushed up close to her face and saw her recoiling. That was accompanied by the words 'dirty b****'.

"She said 'you really are dirty, never in my life have I come across anybody like you. You stink, you stink the house out, look at you'.

"It's hard to think of something more degrading.

"The same day she said 'look at what a disgrace you're turning into'. This is a 78/79-year-old woman with dementia, this is a very vulnerable woman.

"When she says 'I'm cold' the defendant says 'I don't care' and when she's trying to talk to her as she's leaving the defendant says 'I'm not listening to you'.

"That is malice, cruelty and highly degrading behaviour.

"She threatens a lady with dementia to keep a bag of her faeces and reveal that to her relatives when they come to the property.

"It's very difficult to think of many cases where you're dealing with more degrading treatment than this.

"This is an incredibly vulnerable victim in her home, she was a private carer being paid for her work, and this was not an isolated incident.

"Miss Davison is someone who can't report this, she can't protect herself or tell anyone what's going on as she does not have the capacity."

Miss Price said the offences were so serious a fine or a community sentence could not be justified and the question was the length of the custodial sentence.

She also read a statement from Hind's manager that said when she saw the footage she felt "sick and teary" at the unacceptable behaviour.

Defending, Daniel Berman said Hind was of previously good character and there was a "large amount of personal mitigation" to put forward.

The magistrates adjourned the case for the probation service to carry out a full pre-sentence report before Hind returns for sentence in September.