I APPLAUD the Echo for continuing to highlight drivers using their mobile devices whilst driving and in particular photographing and, when it is a business vehicle, identifying the companies they are driving for.

After the national news item about the Bournemouth shopkeeper being in trouble after identifying shoplifters with photos in the window, I am sure that sooner or later ‘data protection’ will be brought up by identifying these drivers but I sincerely hope that you continue with this campaign.

When I was driving a company car, our contract of employment made it clear that under no circumstances were we to use our mobile phones whilst driving and failure to adhere to this was a disciplinary matter. Any responsible company would have such a rule in their own contracts.

Until it becomes as socially unacceptable as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs I fear it will only touch the tip of the iceberg. Every day along Poole Road in Branksome, where slow traffic is the norm now, you see driver after driver using their devices, particularly texting. Only yesterday I saw a bump where the driver was not paying attention but fortunately it was at low speed.

We all know it is very difficult to rely on the police catching all these drivers with their limited resources so I fear it will continue until there is a sea-change of opinion as people seem addicted to using their devices, whether driving or walking down the street.

MICHAEL WHITE, Lindsay Road, Poole