THOUSANDS of people have had their say on building a public swimming pool at Pier Approach just days after a survey was launched.

Views are being sought by a Bournemouth businessman following criticism about the council’s plans for an adventure golf course on the site.

Josh Simons, who co-founded media marketing firm Tribeca Media, took it upon himself to provide a platform for people to have their say on delivering a swimming facility at the seaside location.

Mr Simons was encouraged to pursue the move by Cllr Chris Wakefield. The website to host the survey – – was launched on Tuesday afternoon.

By Wednesday lunchtime the site had more than 50,000 views and the consultation had been completed more than 2,000 times.

Mr Simons said he is planning to keep the survey open until the end of August, before presenting the results at a full council meeting in the autumn.

“I put the idea up on Facebook initially not expecting it to go anywhere, but it went viral," he said.

“The survey hopefully will direct people who are very vocal about the subject to one place and make a difference.

“I am a local business guy and I feel a bit of a duty to lead it after speaking with Cllr Wakefield and all the people who reacted on Facebook.

“The council have a duty to listen to the electorate and while it might not change their course of action, it is an exercise they might take notice of.

“It has shown already the people who live in this area or used to live here care about the future of Bournemouth.

“I think the swimming pool would be great for the brand of Bournemouth.”

The council’s adventure golf plans are set to see the attraction launch next summer.

Cllr Wakefield said it was positive to see the community action.

“This is a good opportunity for people to have a say about what they would like to see within this space, but people are aware as a council we have long-term aspirations, as the leader of the council has articulated in a letter to the Echo,” he said.

“I personally do remember and went to the swimming pool when it as in that place many years ago.

“It is a challenging time for council resources, but if someone from the private sector came to the council with a concept that works with the long-term aspirations of the site than that would be welcomed.”