DRUGS featuring Donald Trump’s face that were tested at Bestival were found to have more than two doses of MDMA in one tablet.

The MDMA tablets, also known as ecstasy, were tested by drug safety charity, The Loop, at last weekend’s event which took place at Lulworth Estate.

The charity said the peach/orange coloured tablets, which had a picture of the US president on one side with the word Trump on the other, contained more than 250mg of MDMA.

The Loop said other pills have been tested across Europe with different strengths.

It is the first time drug testing has been offered at the festival.

Festival-goers who had taken illegal drugs and banned substances onto the site were able to submit them for analysis and receive their results as part of a one-to-one consultation.

Last year 25-year-old Louella Michie died after taking drugs at the event.

She had taken party drug 2CP.