THERE is a growing fear among fans that AFC Bournemouth may be “kicking the proposed stadium development into the long grass”.

Cherries are in the process of drawing up plans for a new ground in King’s Park, using land currently occupied by the athletics centre.

A supporters group called the Cherries Trust said it has made its concerns about the scheme public due to a lack of communication from the club.

The club has said it will provide an update after the closure of the transfer window on August 9.

The Cherries Trust board said: “We have made known to the board of AFC Bournemouth the serious concerns of many fans about the lack of progress and communication regarding the proposed new stadium development for the football club. Despite numerous requests for information, none has been forthcoming.”

The group said it has “urgently and frequently” requested the club divulge “details and timescales” for the project.

“The occasional comment that the club are still intending to submit a planning application at some vague future date does nothing to alleviate the disquiet amongst supporters and the Cherries Trust.

“There is concern that the club, for reasons unknown, are kicking the proposed stadium development into the long grass.”

Back in March the club said it was “continuing to work with Bournemouth council’s sports and recreation development manager” on the scheme. No date for submission was given.

In June, AFC Bournemouth said the pre-planning process was still under way, and that it would be “open minded” on the prospect of including a safe standing area.

The Cherries Trust said: “The news that the club intended to construct a new football ground first appeared in June 2017 and was greeted with joy and excitement, particularly from those who would love to watch Bournemouth in the top division, but with the present limited capacity at Dean Court do not have any chance of so doing.

“Following the initial blaze of publicity there has been very little further information forthcoming in the subsequent 12 months. This is also the case with the proposed new training facilities at Canford Magna.”

Several readers have contacted the Echo asking about the status of the plans. John Marley, of Boscombe, wrote in saying: “AFC Bournemouth are about to begin their fourth season having survived and flourished against all the odds thanks to Eddie Howe and his fantastic team.

“The town is full of ‘Chinese whispers’ about the club having financial problems and the stadium project being postponed. I would urge the management to go public with their plans and put an end to all the rumours.”

Back in March, the club announced a big increase in profit and turnover in 2017, which chief executive Neill Blake said showed the club was “in a more secure position” than ever.

A spokesman for the club said: “AFC Bournemouth are aware of supporters’ desire for further information regarding the proposed training ground and stadium developments.

“The club had intended to provide an update on both projects following the close of the transfer window, and this remains the case.”