A BUS firm has condemned an abusive passenger for a “disgraceful” rant towards a Polish man.

The incident on a Morebus M1 service travelling between Poole and Bournemouth involved the culprit launching a wave of abuse towards a man sitting across from him.

A range of swear words were shouted towards the victim, who reportedly did nothing to provoke the attack.

The culprit threatened the man and raised his voice repeatedly during the incident, which lasted several minutes.

Footage filmed by another passenger on the bus shows the storm of verbal abuse play out, before the bus driver warned the perpetrator.

After the man continued the abuse, the driver ejected him from the bus.

The bus firm has reported the incident to police.

Richard Wade, Morebus operations manager, said: “The safety and comfort of those who travel with us is absolutely paramount, and we help to ensure this by providing our team with extensive driver and customer service training.

“We are confident our driver acted in the best interests of those who were on board, by warning the perpetrator and then ejecting him from the bus.”

Mr Wade said the firm welcomes everyone who travels on its services.

He added that reports of this nature are “extremely rare but sadly can happen anywhere” and will not be tolerated.

“We are referring the matter to the police and are helping them identify the man responsible,” Mr Wade said.

“I’d like to offer our very best wishes to the victim and others who witnessed this event, and trust this disgraceful but thankfully unusual behaviour will not put them off travelling by bus in the future.”

Morebus said police were investigating the incident, which took place on Thursday, July 5, around 9pm.

A bus passenger called Michelle, who witnessed the incident, said it was “horrific” and should not happen.

After the man was ejected from the bus she said passengers remained quiet after witnessing the “shocking” abuse.

“It made me feel sick and it was such a horrible thing to witness,” she said.

“The gentleman did nothing to cause the abuse. It was completely unprovoked.

“It was impeccable how the man stayed so calm through it all.

“People on the bus were shocked. Something like this just shouldn’t happen.

“I get the bus most days and it’s normally very quiet.”