SCORES of bargain hunters have queued in Bournemouth to make the most of a unique offer at Build-A-Bear.

The shop on Commercial Road ran a 'pay your age' promotion all day on Thursday and people were out in large numbers to get a heavily discounted gift for youngsters.

Parents travelled from all across Dorset to access the deal and the queue stretches up Commercial Road to the Triangle.

The store ran out of bears around 3.45pm and were forced to turn away customers. 

Anastasia Westwood travelled from Weymouth and was in line from 8.30am. She left the store with a bear for her daughter Bonnie around 10.30am.

"She has never had a Build-A-Bear before," Anastasia said. "It would have cost me a lot more normally, but today I only paid £1. It is a very good deal.

"I think they need to do a head count because it looks like they are running out."

While some turned away after seeing the length of queue, Ellie Wood and Emily Parker, both from Blandford, joined the back of the line around 10am to buy bears for Alex, 1, and Esme, 3.

"We thought it would be busy, but not quite this busy," Ellie said.

"Now we are in the queue we might as well stick with it."

Emily added: "I've never seen anything like this before. We have brought snacks with us to keep us going."

Sarah Rahl and friend Emma Kettley, both from Bournemouth, said the queue was "crazy".

"I heard about the offer a couple of days ago, but I never expected it to be like this," Sarah said.

Emma said: "It is a great deal. I wonder if the store is prepared for it.

"It will be gutting if we queue all way and they run out."