FRAUDS totalling more than £1 million have been prevented through a 'banking protocol' introduced by Hampshire police.

Eight arrests have been made since the scheme - which identifies and protects potential fraud victims - was introduced.

Since the launch of the scheme in June 2017, 149 emergency calls have been made to police by bank staff concerned a customer could be at risk.

Detective Sergeant Sarah Dring, of Hampshire Constabulary’s economic crime unit, said: “The bank clients don’t know they are being scammed so this is a very important part of our work.

“The victims try to transfer money or withdraw cash and they are intercepted by the bank employees, who have all now received training in fraud loss prevention.

“The types of fraud range from online romance fraud, investment fraud, impersonating police or bank employees, courier fraud and rogue traders.

“We would like to thank all the bank employees who have made the 999 calls and we hope that this collaboration continues to be just as successful in our second year."