I AM writing this from the perspective of a fair weather cyclist who likes to cycle to the beach hut whenever possible. The ban on cycling in July and August means we have walk the last half a mile, or so during that time.

Please can someone explain why some people seem to feel the ban doesn't apply to them? I quite agree that many of the local roads are hazardous for cyclists and urgently need repair. However, how intellectually impaired do you have to be to not see that cycling and a busy promenade do not mix?

Some protest that if the land train and other vehicles can still use the prom, they should be able to cycle. Given that motorised vehicles can be heard as they approach, the chance of collision is much less than when a near-silent bike weaves between pedestrians as it speeds along.

In my opinion, there really is no excuse. Whilst more clearly needs to be done to enforce the ban, dear cyclists, for nine weeks of the year, you really do need to find another route or get off your bike and walk. From what I've witnessed over the last few days, it really is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident.

MRS DK DOWSETT, Capstone Road, Bournemouth