A 75-YEAR-OLD man authorised his mother-in-law’s cremation without telling two of her daughters and her eight grandchildren that she’d died.

Many of Ilva Glazier’s family were unaware she had even been ill and only found out she was dead several months later, Bournemouth Crown Court was told.

Ian Culley, of Throop Close, Bournemouth, signed forms for a funeral director stating that there were no relatives or executors who had not been informed of the proposed cremation.

But many of her family, who also live in the Bournemouth area, had been given no information.

Judge Peter Crabtree OBE heard that Culley had allowed Ilva Glazier and one of her daughters, Sonia Glazier, to stay at his home address while she was unwell.

He and Sonia had married around 30 years ago but had spent most of the three decades apart, the court was told.

Culley pleaded guilty to making a false representation with a view to procuring the burning of human remains when he appeared in court. The court was told the offence took place at Rice and Tapper Funeral Service in Moordown on May 10 last year, two days after Mrs Glazier had died.

Defending, Edward Elton said there were family difficulties and Mrs Glazier had told him she did not want the rest of her family to know about her death.

The court was told Culley did not benefit financially and believed he was carrying out her wishes.

Mr Elton said Culley suffers from ill health and has prostate cancer. He has had a quadruple heart bypass, a mild stroke, is dyslexic and profoundly deaf.

“He has found this an appalling, unpleasant and worrying time. He carried out Ilva Glazier’s wishes - he did what he thought was the right thing” he said.

Sentencing him to a three-month suspended prison sentence, Judge Crabtree said: “It is extremely important that where there is to be a cremation, the information is given truthfully.

“You believed you were acting under instructions that you were given by Ilva Glazier. This is not a straight-forward case.”

He added: “There is nothing untoward in her death.”