THERE were scenes of jubilation as the Three Lions efficiently dispatched Sweden to win England’s first semi-final place in nearly three decades.

Thousands of singing, chanting supporters flooded out of Bournemouth’s super-heated bars after the game on Saturday and formed a great snake of people winding through the town to Old Christchurch Road.

There they gathered for more than an hour, singing and enjoying the blazing sunshine.

A Daily Echo Facebook Live video of the impromptu gathering had been viewed more than 88,000 times by Sunday afternoon, with many commenting that next week’s matches should be broadcast on a big screen.

Earlier this week Bournemouth councillor Philip Stanley-Watts called for the borough, a business group or AFC Bournemouth to put up a big screen in the Square.

Bournemouth council has said that there are no plans at present for any such arrangement.

On the Echo’s video, echoing many of the more than 1,000 people who posted comments, Kayleigh Dartnall said: “Need a big screen for semi final down on beach or Dean Court!”

Sam Roberts said: “Come on Bournemouth show the boys how much we appreciate them on bringing it home.”

Rich Scadding said: “Watching from Barcelona. Wish I was in Bournemouth now!”

And Scott Bruce said: “This is what community spirit is all about.”

England are now through to the semi-finals of the World Cup for the first time since Italia 90, and will face Croatia at 7pm on Wednesday after that team’s penalties victory over hosts Russia on Saturday evening.

By then, England will know which team, Belgium or France, it will have to beat in the final, from 4pm on Sunday, in order to hoist the cup for only the second time.