ENGLAND'S support in Russia is the smallest at a major tournament in recent memory, but a group of passionate AFC Bournemouth fans are loving the experience at the biggest sporting event in the world.

Vinny Goodfield, who was raised in Poole, is one of a small collection of Cherries supporters who have followed the Three Lion's journey from the opening game against Tunisia.

Contrary to the pre-tournament reports of safety fears for England fans, Vinny said his experience has been exceptional.

"It has been absolutely superb. The Russians have just fallen over themselves to help and put on a good spectacle," he said.

"All the helpers everywhere, greeting you at the airport, all the transportation, it has been spot on.

"The attitude and the friendliness of the people in all the cities is brilliant."

To date Vinny has visited nine of the host cities in Russia, enjoying a number of games away from England's run.

He said every nation's supporters have come together to enjoy the World Cup party.

Vinny added: "This is the fifth World Cup I have been to and it is probably my favourite other than Japan in 2002.

"When you consider the scaremongering that was put out before warning us not to go, that you would get hurt and it would not be safe, it is like night and day really, it couldn't be more different.

"There are probably a lot of people quite gutted they didn't come now."