I HAVE been very glad indeed to read all the letters of support for a lido in Bournemouth.

I moved here from Southampton a year ago, working in retail hot and stuffy shops, and used to love going for a swim either lunchtime or after work.

In Southampton we have the Quays swimming and diving complex right in the middle of the town, near Westquay shopping centre. And before that I was in Winchester with River Park Leisure Centre, again a lovely swimming pool near the town centre.

When then I got to Bournemouth I really was shocked there is no central pool. How extraordinary! I had to ask repeatedly before it sank in. A seaside resort of all towns with no central pool.

So I very much hope Bournemouth councillors will take this up. Currently celebrities such as Andy Murray have teemed up with NHS to promote healthy living. And that means daily sport and exercise but what do we have in Bournemouth but hundreds of bars, no swimming pool.

Accessibility is everything. With a central pool, and large gym, this attracts interest and encourages us all to make the best of our day in Bournemouth, not gravitate to the oh so convenient nearest local bar.

JANETTE PALMER, Keith Road, Bournemouth