I REGULARLY go out and for over an hour each week to pick up litter as a Dorset Devil.

I don’t understand why so many people drop litter on the street and the council in Bournemouth seems unable to pick any of it up.

What I have issue with is the total lack of thought by the council when mowing the grass verges on Kinson Road and feel they are being negligent by not picking up any of the tins, wrappers, glass bottles etc before they mow, which then leaves the whole verge strewn with even more litter, making the street a real mess.

I think the council should be leading the way rather than showing an environmental negligence which, I am sure, would not be allowed in the town centre, but we don’t seem to have the same TLC out here in the suburbs.

I have written to the Echo because recent emails to the council aren’t replied to.

STEPHEN CATTLE Kinson Road, Bournemouth