BOURNEMOUTH has been the most popular place for stag parties in the last year, it’s been revealed.

According to the Premier Stag League, which ranks UK towns and cities based on their desirability for a stag weekend, Bournemouth came fifth in the table but was the most popular place for parties.

The research, conducted by stag weekend organiser The Stag Company, takes into account 10 distinct factors which were then combined to give an overall score for each location.

Each place was based on weather, restaurants, stag activities, uniqueness, bars, pint cost, nightlight, hotel cost, weekend cost and popularity.

Bristol came out on top overall in the league. Brighton came second, while Nottingham came third, followed by Newcastle.

The Premier Stag League uses a formula of how many hours of sunshine a city gets per year and how many days of rainfall based on official Met Office data for their weather score.

Manchester was found to be the place with the worst weather overall. Bournemouth were joint second best in this category.

Bournemouth took joint second place for weather alongside Brighton and had 1766 hours of sunshine in a year.

The average stag party group spends £1889.89 on average in Bournemouth.

A spokesperson for The Stag Company said: “What should be taken from the Premier Stag league is the healthy state of the UK’s party towns. The fact that travelling to Europe is getting more expensive and Brexit will be complicating things in the future, stags are more likely to look closer to home for their last nights of freedom and Bournemouth is officially one of the best places to do it.”