CLLR Williams claims to “reflect his residents’ views,” but doesn’t bother to do the simple maths.

The A338 junction scheme is a big con, which he has fallen for hook, line and sinker. The present application is for roads alone, which would alleviate some of the traffic we have now, but only for a very short time.

So, to the maths. He acknowledges there will be “further developments,” including a storage unit, so the sole purpose of the road system is to make it accessible for even more cars and the junction will be a gateway into the Green Belt for further development in the future.

More development equals more workers equals more traffic along the whole of Castle Lane and surrounding areas. If he bothers to read the council’s own figures (as we have) he will see 2,000 extra workers will mean around 1,200 more cars on site plus hundreds more in surrounding areas and that is just to start.

Cllr Williams has double yellow lines in his ward in Littledown to stop fly-parking, but seems happy to push it all on surrounding areas which do not and cannot have the same.

We have spent hours out talking to people from Iford, Littledown, through Strouden to Muscliff and Throop and their most pressing concern is the amount of traffic presently along the whole of Castle Lane. Every single resident in these areas has to try and come out on to Castle Lane at some point. This application only applies to the Wessex Fields “block,” but the vast majority of vehicles will approach along Castle Lane and not from Ringwood.

Friends of Riverside (FOR) is a non-political group, headed up by the O’Luby family, who have worked freely and tirelessly over many years to secure a better long term future for our town and they neither “hail from” nor reside in Holdenhurst Village. Holdenhurst Village Parish Meeting is a tranche of local government working alongside FOR as well as other organisations such as Friends of the Earth, to oppose this disastrous scheme on many levels, as can be seen by the number of objections (including the Environment Agency, English Heritage, etc).

Cllr Williams was elected to Littledown, but we are also constituents of Bournemouth and have the right to be treated with respect, not be patronised or called names by a councillor who should be working for the good of the Town as a whole.

WENDY SHARP, chair, Holdenhurst Village Parish Meeting