LOOKING at Councillor Beesley’s reasons for not supporting a public pool on the Imax land it is entirely unclear why he opposes.

Looking at the artist’s impression the site will have a large water feature. So what is the huge difficulty in changing plans from a large water feature to a swimming pool? For us the public all the difference in the world between looking at the water and families and children getting in and enjoying the water.

It doesn’t have to be an “Olympic pool” as has been suggested, although that would be fantastic. The point is to get in a swimming pool. This has I know been appealed many times over the years. An open pool would be fine and as suggested in other letters, heat the water with solar panels and you have an all-year pool. I don’t know happier sounds than the thrill of children playing in water and for all of us the exhilaration of swimming all the better in the fresh air and year round.

So come on Bournemouth council, think about it. You speak of “ambitious schemes” Councillor Beesley, so let’s be ambitious and get in a large open lido pool with a funfair opening. And next year would be good, not in 10 years. As it is, everything in the council gets calculated to death. People want to have fun, not endlessly be commercially processed.


Charminster Road, Bournemouth