REGARDING the traffic congestion around the area, I have noted that my average speed from my onboard display is 7mph for the last week. This is awful.

Look at the traffic lights arrayed around everywhere. There is no logic to their operation. You wait at the pedestrian crossing lights, and 50 yards ahead the lights at the next junction are green. Yours now go green and the lights ahead are now red. Why are they not synchronised? This is very noticeable around Castlepoint.

Linking the lights would ease traffic flow and cut pollution and may make things safer. We desperately need to ease the flow on Castle Lane. It is the main east-west route.

In the USA you are allowed to turn right on red, if it is safe to do so. We could use this at controlled junctions and allow left turns where there is no filter.

In France the lights around a bypass are timed, so that if you travel just below the legal limit all are green. If you go faster, you have to stop at the next set. Very sensible. People soon get to know this and traffic flow is improved.


retired engineer, Beatty Road, Bournemouth