RESIDENTS and visitors alike will remember with great fondness the candlelight illuminations in the gardens. Sadly, they have been extinguished by "budgetary issues".

Cllr Nick Rose recently stood up against a £365,000 budget for corporate communications to spend on social media. It is fully accepted that marketing has a place, but the magic thumbs generation taking preference over a century long tradition that was an attraction for young and old like?

Close to the gardens in Bourne Avenue, yet another scheme. Cllr Greene and his ever efficient highways team's tribute to wasting public money for no actual additional benefit to the community. Just who is leading who up the cycle path?

We now learn of a tacky adventure golf course to be built on the former Imax site. The concept of an open-air concert facility having been cast aside along with the bandstand in the gardens.

Excuse the pun, but the present administration in Bournemouth can't hold a candle to the vision of our forefathers who built a town we were once proud of.


Culford Close, Bournemouth