SO the Imax land is going to be used to set up a Smugglers Cove crazy golf pitch.

Wow, I don't know how I am going to sleep at night.

Or in other words is this the best you can do Bournemouth council for the central prime location of what, with the impending amalgamation, is going to be the South Coast's largest by far coastal resort?

Is this really the best your people can come up with Cllr Beesley with all the incoming business rates and with tax revenue from a population of some 300,000?

People visit Bournemouth primarily for the beach and sea. That then is the draw for four or five months a year, May to September. And the same for a crazy golf pitch likely in use little more than five months.

To keep Bournemouth active all year and keeping in mind the resident population, is it not high time the council invested in a large, central, modern and exciting swimming pool for all year round use?

It is interesting to note the nearest 50 metre Olympic-sized pool is in Millfield public school in Street, Somerset. Isn't that astonishing? A private school can afford a 50 metre pool, plus in fact a spare 25 metre pool, but for our conurbation, for a 300,000 population and a roaring tourist industry, the best our council can come up with is a crazy golf course.

There is a shocking failure of Bournemouth council, time and again, refusing to invest in public enterprise for the benefit of everyone.


Alexandra Road, Parkstone, Poole