ELECTRIC car technology is advancing rapidly, and the latest figures suggest Bournemouth and Poole are getting on board.

Over the 2017-18 financial year, the number of registered plug-in vehicles in both boroughs increased by around 35 per cent, according to Department for Transport figures.

That is an increase on the previous year of 58 vehicles in Bournemouth and 73 in Poole. There are more than 200 in both boroughs. In Christchurch however there were only 20 new electric vehicles.

Back in 2013 Bournemouth had just five electric cars, showing the rapid progress of the industry.

Last month BP announced it would follow Shell and install charging points at its petrol stations and Dyson has also said it plans to release an electric car by 2020.

Electric car users do not have to pay road tax, as they do not directly release emissions.