WITH regard to easing congestion, in the past, improvements to Bourne Bottom were rejected due to environmental concerns, and the A35 dualling through Parkstone and Branksome met the same fate.

There is one unused corridor, though, but building above it would be expensive, and might even need legislation: the railway corridor from Bournemouth railway station, through to Poole. The A35 could hop onto an elevated section at Christchurch, to link at Bournemouth station.

West London has two elevated sections to the A4: the Hammersmith and Chiswick flyovers. The railway corridor from Clapham Junction to Waterloo is elevated too.

Clearly there is no good engineering reason not to do this.

Now the politicians can show their worth by agreeing to do something. We cannot afford the terrible jams in our city.

How about it?


Kings Avenue, Penn Hill, Poole