BOURNEMOUTH'S Central Chine Gardens are a magnificent and enjoyable feature of the town and are kept to a very high standard by hardworking council employees and volunteers.

On a recent visit it was not, however, possible to enjoy most of the Upper Gardens because of the council workers' use of petrol-driven strimmers and leaf blowers.

It is not at all necessary to use these very noisy and polluting machines to maintain these beautiful gardens.

Please can the council try using scythes to cut long grass and not strimmers. We will then find that the appalling noise, disgusting pollution and cost to the public of buying and servicing leaf blowers and strimmers is not needed.

The gentle swish of a scythe and occasional broom is much less disruptive to our native wildlife, pleasing to the public and has a really beneficial effect in relation to lowering deliberate pollution of this wonderful environment.


Albert Road, Ferndown